Delivery of first AHTS Vessel “Siem Pearl”

Siem Offshore has taken delivery of the first AHTS vessel “Siem Pearl” from the Norwegian yard.

The vessel is the first of eight similar vessels to be delivered to Siem Offshore from the same yard.  An additional two vessels will be delivered to a partner of Siem Offshore, but operated by Siem Offshore as part of a fleet of ten sister vessels.

The “Siem Pearl” is a very large AHTS vessel of VS 491 CD design with a length of 91 meters and a beam of 22 meters.  “Siem Pearl” is designed for towing and anchor handling, deep water inspection and construction support with a high focus on safety for the operation, crew and environment.  The vessel has high capacities with approximately 28,000 BHP, continuous bollard pull of 285 tons, winches of 500 tons, accommodation for 60 persons and regular supply and support capacities for the offshore oil and gas industry.  The vessel is designed with special focus on safe operations and is equipped with a Triplex MDH gantry crane for safe and man-free anchor handling operations. The engine configuration will enable both diesel mechanical and diesel electric propulsion which, in combination with selective catalytic reduction and efficient hull design, will enable low fuel consumption and low emissions.

The vessel will commence its operations in the North Sea spot market.

For further information:
Terje Sorensen
Chief Executive Officer
+47 91 31 61 64
Christian Berg
Chief Commercial Officer
+47 97 40 55 53

Published 22-09-2009 in the Investor category