Results to Bondholders' Meetings in SIOFF01 and SIOFF02

We refer to the summons dated 14 December 2020 (the "Summons") to the bondholders in ISIN NO 001 0670441 ("SIOFF01") and ISIN NO 001 0708670 ("SIOFF02"). In a bondholders' meeting held today, 30 December 2020, the proposal set out in the Summons obtained 92.66% of the votes in SIOFF01 and 100% of the votes in SIOFF02 and the proposal was hence adopted under the bond loan agreements for SIOFF01 and SIOFF 02.
With reference to the notice released to the Oslo Stock Exchange on 28 December 2020, the Company plans to send a more detailed update and summons to a bondholders meeting for the bonds in SIOFF 01 and SIOFF 02 to approve the restructuring plan in early January.
Please find notice from Bondholders' meeting here.

For further information, please contact:
Dagfinn B. Lie
Chief Financial Officer Siem Offshore Inc.
Phone +47 901 99 05

Published 30-12-2020 in the Investor category