Proposed amendments to bond issues – rights issue of shares


Siem Offshore Inc (Siem Offshore) announced today that it intends to convene bondholders meetings in its bond issues FRN Siem Offshore Inc. Senior Unsecured Bond Issue 2013/2018 and FRN Siem Offshore Inc. Senior Unsecured Bond Issue 2014/2019 to consider proposals for certain amendment to the terms of the bond issues. The amendments have been discussed and agreed with an ad hoc committee of bondholders. 

The key proposals for amendments are expected to be as follows:

The maturity of the bonds to be extended by 2.75 years from original maturity date.

Interest on the bonds to be reduced by 0.75% p.a. until the respective original maturity dates of each bond issue. After this, the applicable margin will be the blended (arithmetic average) margin under these two bond issues less 0,75% p.a. Siem Offshore will be entitled to settle interest by way of issuance of additional bonds (payment-in-kind), but the margin on interest payments settled in this manner will increase by 0.75%.

A USD tranche will be established under the bond issues. Each bondholder will get a one-time offer to convert his bonds into bonds in the new USD tranche subject to a minimum take-up of USD bonds of USD 20 million.

Siem Offshore has agreed to certain restrictions on new debt and new encumbrances outside the ordinary course of business, as well as a restriction on dividend payments.

The value adjusted equity ratio covenant will be reduced from 30% to 20%.  

Siem Offshore will be granted a call option at par.

Summons for bondholders meetings are expected to be sent out shortly.


In connection with and subject to certain other conditions in relation to the proposed amendments Siem Offshore intends to carry out a rights issue of shares with gross proceeds of NOK 190,000,000. The subscription price will be NOK 1.90 per share. Existing shareholders will be allotted tradable and preferential subscription rights in proportion to their shareholding in Siem Offshore. Oversubscription will be permitted. More detailed information will be disclosed when available.

The rights issue is subject to approval of the proposed amendments to the bond issues in the respective bondholders’ meetings.

The largest shareholder of Siem Offshore, Siem Europe S.a r.l., has indicated willingness to fully underwrite the share issue at a guarantee commission of 1%. The underwriting is subject to the approval of the board of directors of Siem Industries Inc., which is the parent company of Siem Europe S.a r.l.


For further information: 


Chairman, Eystein Eriksrud tel.: + 47 93449155, 

CFO, Dagfinn B Lie, Tel.: +47 90199051




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Published 29-03-2017 in the Investor category