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Ownership in vessel owning companies and technology based companies that provide services on a global basis

Siem Consub SA

"...offshore services and engineering of systems for integration..."

The Company’s subsidiary Siem Consub SA in Brazil is an owner and operator of supply vessels and crew boats in the Brazilian market. Siem Consub’s head office is located in Rio de Janeiro in addition to bases located along the Brazilian coast. With more than 26 years of experience in Brazil, Siem Consub is focused on offshore support operations, submarine cable maintenance and installation, engineering and systems integration for the defence market.

Siem Consub undertakes projects that comprise underwater and naval technology, high quality resources and qualified professionals. Unique solutions have been implemented but each new project brings new challenges to overcome. 



Siem WIS AS 

........ Safe, Predictable and Efficient.

Siem WIS AS is 60% owned by Siem Offshore Inc., and provides products, services and high-end technology for Managed Pressure Drilling (MPD) and Underbalanced Operations (UBO). The Siem WIS' Pressure Control Device (PCD), with its unique and patented sealing solution, represents the future of control heads for MPD/UBO operations where seal conditions and well integrity are monitored in real time.

The Siem WIS PCD multi--seal barrier allows challenging drilling operations to proceed in a safe, predictable and efficient manner. The PCD system is currently in operation in the North Sea. Please contact Siem WIS for further information regarding availability and how the PCD could provide safety, predictability and efficiency to your MPD operation. 

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Siem Offshore Contractors (SOC)

Siem Offshore Contractors (SOC) is an experienced submarine cable and umbilical installation, repair and maintenance contractor serving the worldwide offshore oil and gas as well as renewable energy industries. 

SOC, a German company with its head office situated in the City of Leer, was formed in 2003. SOC has gained great experience in providing its service to the demanding worldwide offshore oil and gas industry, meeting the highest industry standards for quality, health, safety and environmental protection.

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