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Contract award for MRSV

Siem Offshore and Adams Offshore have entered into a 3 year Bareboat contract for the MRSV “Siem Dorado”


Appointment of new Chief Operating Officer

Mr Svein Erik Mykland (age 48) has been appointed as Chief Operating Officer (“COO”) of Siem Offshore with effect from 1 January 2010.


Financial Calendar 2010

The financial reporting dates for 2010


Successful Qualification of Technology for Managed Pressure Drilling

Siem WIS AS, a company 60% owned by Siem Offshore, is pleased to announce a successful test and qualification of Siem WIS’ Pressure Control Device (PCD) technology together with Statoil’s control system for managed pressure drilling (MPD).


Charterer’s Exercise of Purchase Option

The charterer of the Siem Swordfish has declared its option to purchase the vessel and a 70-ton crane installed on board the vessel. The total sales price is approximately USD 61 million.


Contract with Petrobras for large-size PSV

Siem Consub (Brazil) is awarded a time charter contract by Petrobras for one large-size PSV.


Resolved Change of Tax Residency

The Board of Directors resolved on 25 November to relocate the residency of Siem Offshore Inc. (“the Company”) from the Cayman Islands to Norway with effect from 1st January 2010.


Contract Award for Large-Size PSV

ConocoPhillips Skandinavia AS has awarded a 1 year contract + options for the large-size PSV ‘Siem Sailor’.


Market Making Agreement

Siem Offshore Inc. has entered into a Market Making Agreement with Fondsfinans ASA for the company’s shares.


Potential change of tax domicile

Siem Offshore has started a process for evaluating whether the Company's tax domicile should be moved to Norway.


Results Q3 2009

Siem Offshore Inc today reports results for the third quarter 2009.


Conference Call Notification Q3 2009

Siem Offshore Inc will release its third quarter results for 2009 on Thursday 29 October.


Charter Agreement

Siem Consub SA (Brazil) have signed a 2 year contract with StatoilHydro Brasil Ltda. with 2 x 1 year options, for a large PSV of VS 485 design. The contract was announced as a letter of intent in 1Q 2009.


Contract Extension

Marine Platforms Limited (MPL) has declared the option to extend the charter of the MRSV Siem Marlin for six more months until April 2010.


Letter of intent with Petrobras for two mid-sized PSVs

Siem Offshore has entered into a Letter of Intent ("LoI") with Petrobras Oil & Gas B.V. Turkey for two of its mid-sized PSVs.


Delivery of first AHTS Vessel “Siem Pearl”

Siem Offshore has taken delivery of the first AHTS vessel “Siem Pearl” from the Norwegian yard.


Contracts with Petrobras for two Oil Spill Response Vessels

SIEM Consub (Brazil) is awarded time charter contracts by Petrobras for two Oil Spill Recovery Vessels (“OSRVs”).


Siem WIS enters into new contract with StatoilHydro

Siem WIS AS, a company 60% owned by Siem Offshore, is pleased to announce that a contract is entered into with StatoilHydro in connection with the development and qualification of Siem WIS’ Pressure Control Device (PCD).


Company Presentation

Company Presentation September 2009.


Presentation at Pareto Conference

The presentation held by Kristian Siem at the Pareto Conference 02 September 2009 is enclosed.


PSV Contract Siem Supplier

Marathon Petroleum Company (Norway) LLC has awarded a 6x1 wells (est 333 days) contract to PSV Siem Supplier (MT 6000) in Norway.


Notice to Oslo Børs

On 1 July Siem Offshore Inc. ("Siem Offshore" or the "Company") announced that the Company had successfully raised gross proceeds of NOK 900 million in a private placement of 105,882,353 shares at an offer price of NOK 8.50 per share.


Approved prospectus

Oslo Børs has approved the following document: Prospectus


Reorganization of Siem Offshore

Siem Offshore is in the process of transferring the ownership of the company’s fleet to Norway and will concentrate the day-to-day operation of the fleet in Kristiansand.


Results Q2 2009

Siem Offshore Inc today reports results for the second quarter 2009.